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PAUL Managing Member

I am in my 40’s and got back in to riding again. I use to ride a lot when I was a teen ager. Now I ride every weekend I can with my crew. I also am a member of NETRA and MVTR. In 2019 I rode 5 Novice Races on the NETRA Hare scramble circuit and earned My B Amature Class Ranking.

Current RIDES

I really Love both Bikes for different reasons.

2018 KTM 350 xcf – Lots of power smooth throttle response. Very stable. Feels heavy compared to my 2 stoke that weights about the same. I have become very comfortable on this bikle and can ride for 3+ hours at race pace without arm pump.

2016 Husqvarna TC250 – This bike is fun light and responsive. This bike i get arm pump pretty quickly basically due to me trying to control the power and stability on the bike. arm pump has gotten better but I am still less comfortable with delivery. The 2 stroke low lugs much better than the KTM even though i have the motocross version of the bike.

For me a specifically wood bike does not have the hit I like to have – I prefer the motocross setup and transition the bike to work in the wood.

Previously Owned:

2015 YZ250F – Fun bike No e start very responsive. Fuel Injected – No major problems – Moved to the KTM 350

2007 DRZ400 – Great bike for more road riding. Not great in the woods as this was what I was getting into. The bike was very heavy and not good ground clearance as the ruts were being created by bikes with more clearance.

1986 DR 100 – my first bike- Perfect learner bike.. Bullet proof engine. Low maintenance required



Steve Author/Editor

Steve is getting back into riding with is son and