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New England Enduro Riders Rear Tire MT16

The MT 16 is the top choice for enduro off road riders.

It’s great in the rocks and roots as well as the mud and slim. Most riders may try out some other tires but when it comes to race day the MT 16 will be seen on most rides.

I went 1 entire season on the MT 16 I run 9 PSI and the heavy duty SRT tube. last season I did not get a flat until I did a ride that had some high speeds and what caused the tube to fail was the inside of the tire had started to pile the treads inside the tire from running at low PSI all season and the added heat from running some roads at high speeds caused the flat. This is not unique to this tire.. Just from a full season of wear and tear on the tire.

Here is a pretty good product review video of the rear tire.. I can’t vouch for the front mt16 front tire.. Never tried it.

This tire is highly recommended for New england riding with a lot of mixed terrain.. roots and rocks mud and dry and loose sand. A great all around tire.

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The Tire come in 110 and 120

I run the 120 for the additional contact surface of the tire.

People that prefer the 110 like the smaller profile for cornering control .


Because I ride low PSI and ripping through berms are not a large percentage of what I do I like having more tire on the ground for woods riding and hare scrambles.


Bridgestones M59 is a favorite on the front. Look for the m59 review in the search box.

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