2021 Netra Rock Crusher

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First Place B Senior – This was one of my major goals.

1 full lap with sound this time.. I typically am not very aggressive at the start but BJ Lanigan last minute got me all ampd up so I was going for it… well was not in gear.. fail. So in the first 3 minutes I was very aggressive trying to make up ground. By the time I got to the first major hill climb I was in front of my line of b senior and b open. Arm pump set in 1/2 way through the first lap and stepped back a little to keep some pace. I settled into a pace in the second lap and 3/4 of the way through the last lap I was passed by a b senior rider so I chased him down and waited for a mistake. He dumped it on a whoop and I pushed through the end taking 1st place by 4 seconds.


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